Electric Vehicle Charging Point Installation

We are OZEV approved installers

The team at Edison Electrical can undertake electrical vehicle charger installations and repairs at your home or your business premises.

As an OLEV approved installer, we can carry out EV charge point installations and then claim government grants (when applicable) on your behalf. Because Edison Electrical has completed this process, you can be confident that we have provided the following:

  • Proof of membership of an Electrician Association
  • Proof of public liability insurance
  • Proof that our installers have been trained to install electric vehicle chargepoints
  • Proof that we are an approved installer by the chargepoint manufacturer


EV Charging Installer - OZEV approved


With the huge move towards electric vehicles throughout the UK, and an increase in the number of EV owners requiring a charging solution, the team at Edison Electrical can now offer a relaible and efficient service for preparing your charging facilities. 

Following installation, our team can also offer ongoing customer support, with options for repairs and upgrades to your electric vehicle charger. As the market continues to grow and adapt – and in the coming years, we expect huge steps in the area – the need for a functioning charging point at your home or business will be vital, and keeping up to date with maintenance and upgrades could be the difference between enjoying a smooth ride, or having no way to get your car started. Our team will ensure that you enjoy the electric car experience, and can drive and charge your EV for years to come.

Contact Edison Electrical and we'll be happy to talk over your requirement and answer any questions you may have, and we're  sure that our quote for installing your EV charger will be extremely competitive.


EV Charger installer - OZEV approved